Grafting Day August 21st 2021


Fruit tree grafting


We are unable to postpone this workshop as there is a limited window for grafting trees at the end of winter but before trees begin to set leaves.

Please follow our Facebook Page for updates on other workshops and events at the Crossing Land, as well as for the 2022 Grafting Workshop dates closer to the time.


Learn how to graft and about the value of heritage and heirloom fruit trees.
Receive a free rootstock and a grafted scion of your choice with this $30 booking as well as a cuppa.

Workshop commences at 11am and concludes at 3pm.  BYO lunch.

Bring grafting knives and grafting tape if you have them (we have some spares).

There will be rootstocks and scion to purchase and graft on the day and some spare grafting knives. If you have never grafted before, then this is your chance to learn.  You can also bring named varieties of scion and rootstocks to share with others – keep them cool in plastic bags in your fridge once you cut them off your favourite varieties – about as long as your hand with about 6 or so buds on them.

Apples, Pears, Plums, and Cherries will be the focus of the day. Rootstocks $10. Scion $5
It’s possible to take home scion to graft onto your existing trees.

The Heritage Fruit Growers data base will be available at the workshop and allows you to match your scion vigour, so that more than one variety may be grafted onto a single rootstock (or existing tree) without unbalancing the tree.  Discounts are available to fire-affected families.

All funds raised go to The Crossing so that we can continue to ‘grow youth leadership for sustainable design’.

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