Bermagui Badja Fire Edge Roads Workshop


A series of approximately monthly workshops for roads along the eastern edge of the Badja Fire near Bermagui.

In an effort to meet COVID-19 safe gatherings at The Crossing we have broken the gatherings into smaller localised groups.  If you reckon you belong to a group, then you probably do, so please join in.

We are just trying to get together localities for an opportunity to share their stories, debrief a bit from the fires and find out what worked and increase the effectiveness of what we do and how we communicate locally.  Of course if you can’t make a meeting then you are still welcome to come to the meeting of another road, as many issues will be similar, so your contribution will still be valuable.  We gather as friends with a common purpose to assist our community to be resilient.

Everyone will get the results once the road coordinators get together at the end.  It is also anticipated that the road coordinators will assist ongoing communications with their groups to develop ideas from the workshops.

We are asking that each property only have one representative and we will try to limit gatherings to around 25 as our community hall at the crossing currently has that limit, but we also have an undercover area beside it to allow for some extras.  We will use a world cafe small table group format to allow people to move about between issues and meaningful discussions that interest them.  Dates will be added to this once we have nailed them down – probably Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings.  Tea and Coffee provided. Bring a snack.  Probably 2 to 2.5 hours?

July: Nutleys Creek Rd and Black Marlin Drive

August: Rileys Rd, Blair Close and Westrops Rd

September: Lyrebird Ridge Rd, Green Tyrells Rd and Ridge Rd

October: Head of Cuttagee Rd and Geall Rd

November: Murrah River Rd

December: Bermagui Tathra Rd

December: Road Coordinators report back session and future recommendations

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