Bermagui Badja Fire Edge Roads Workshop


Bermagui Badja Fire edge community connection project

To assist people from around Bermagui who were on or near the edges of the Badja Fire to collaboratively share experiences, monitor wellbeing, identify concerns, develop joint actions and a collective future vision to increase the community’s resilience.

This project started from discussions between neighbours on Nutleys Ck Rd with RFS and SES members.  We thought this winter would be a good time to start sharing some learnings from the fires.  Covid 19 got in the way a bit, but summer will come again.

Both Tim Holsworth (Bermagui RFS Captain) and Martin Wraight (Bermagui SES Captain) encouraged The Crossing to make this happen!

We thought the best place to help communication is by renewing phone and email lists on a road by road basis with each road having someone taking a lead role to update and look after their list.  Please put up your hand or nominate a road coordinator for the roads below and feel free to copy this to people on your road to get them started.   The Crossing has also started a collective facebook group (link above) so that people can share good ideas across all the roads or have a one road discussion if they choose to.

All initial road meetings will be held at The Crossing 392 Nutleys Ck Rd.  We use a seated small table ‘World Cafe’ format with 4 big questions for the small table groups to discuss. Meetings will be on Sundays from 2-4pm with covid safe distancing happeningLimit of 20 per meeting so please rsvp by email to your road coordinator – one person per household.  If you can’t get to your own road meeting at The Crossing put your hand up with another road coordinator to come to another road meeting as issues will be similar. We will also send out results by email and in the Bermagui Badja Fire Edge facebook group.  There will no doubt be follow up meetings back at each road but our hope is that roads will become self organising for these meetings but still keep the Bermagui Fire Edge Facebook group informed of any major actions or suggestions.

Please RSVP by email to your road coordinator for each initial meeting at The Crossing as it helps to keep track of who is coming for Covid safe reasons.

26 July – Nutleys with Black Marlin and Mangnans  (great result, 20 people in the rain, 5 actions recommended by group)

coordinator: Dean Turner

15 August – Rileys with Blair Close, Westrops, Ridge Rd and houses on forest section of Cobargo Bermagui Rd

coordinator for Blair: Colin Jack, coordinator for Rileys ?, coordinator for Westrops (Westrops facebook group?)?

16 August – Lyrebird Ridge with Green Tyrells

coordinator for Lyrebird: Ashley Fuller, coordinator for Green Tyrells Richelle Jackson

30 August – Head of Cuttagee and Bermagui Tathra Rd to Cuttagee

coordinator for Head of Cuttagee: ?

6 September – George St Bermagui

coordinator for George St: Rebecca Perry

13 September – Benny Gowings, Murrah River, Hergenhans & Bermagui Tathra Rd around Murrah Hall

coordinator for Benny Gowings: ?  coordinator for Murrah River ?  coordinator for Hergenhans ?

26 September – Fairhaven Point Rd

coordinators Lyn Williamson  and Tony King & Kris Ralph:

18 October – Beauty Point and Wallaga Heights

coordinator for Beauty Point: Dave Bulman:

coordinator for Wallaga Heights: Bill Southwood

1 November – Akelele

coordinator for Akelele: Sean Burke

22 November – Regathering to follow up joint issues raised with all road coordinators plus one or two others from each road group

Please forward this information to other people on your road and hopefully someone will put up a hand to be a road coordinator.  The info needed is:

Road Address:



Phone no’s:

Thanks for getting involved, we hope this helps, cheers

Dean and Annette Turner

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