What is The Crossing?

Above: The Crossing is nestled between forest, river, and farmland. All the feeling of a remote property just 15 minutes drive from Bermagui

The Crossing is a one-class camp for young people in high school through uni that puts sustainability into action. We don’t just talk about sustainability: we live it everyday. The Crossing is designed according to the 12 principles of Permaculture: 

The Crossing was dreamed up (and then built!) by Dean and Annette Turner with help from thousands of volunteers over the years. After three years directing Wollangarra Outdoor Education Centre, they were ready for the next adventure, arriving in a 1960s blue Bedford Bus lovingly known as Gus.

As they say, from little things, big things grow. 

.Programs at The Crossing often include the following:

Time on the property applying the Permaculture Principles through sustainability and contribution tasks (this could be gardening, cooking, moving or splitting firewood, helping with a building project, fencing, turning the compost

Learning about Landcare, which means helping us with seasonal native seed collection, making seed raising mix, pricking out and tubing up small seedlings, and planting seedlings on the riverbank at our Woodville Landcare program.  

Learning about fire-retardant design. Since the Black Summer bushfires, The Crossing has incorporated aspects of fire-retardant design into all our programs. This helps young people better understand how they can prepare for fire, how fire impacts both the environment and rural communities, and to compare the impact of cool, controlled burning with wildfire.

An adventurous journey through unburnt sections of Biamanga National Park.



And so much more. For a quote for your group, or for more information, please contact us below


Aerial view of The Crossing

Inside our solar-passive community hall. Heating at The Crossing comes from our woodstove, north windows provide excellent winter sun access, and cross ventilation keeps the building cool in summer!

The ‘Red Rattler’ train did the old Gippsland route – from Melbourne to Orbost. It dates to the 1930s

We have three 8 bed students rooms and one four bed student room, total of 28 student beds. All beds have heating and verandah access

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The Crossing Land Education Camp with Biamanga National Park behind 2018

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